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News and Commentaries, 15-03-04

American TV channel HBO has turned the drama series into a six-episode television movie series, with each episode lasting 90 minutes. The English version also added the narrative of Zhen Huan's later years, which was filmed last September.

Audiences can't get enough of the 76-episode TV series "Legend of Zhen Huan", so much that its been brought to live onstage.
The drama tells the story of Zhen Huan, who was chosen to be Emperor Yongzheng's concubine in ancient China's Qing Dynasty. Its a tale of survival in a palace full of cunning plots and deceit, and the protagonist manages to defeat her enemies.
By the Military Section of Huanqiu
This is in response to an article published recently by the National Interest in March 2, 2015.

1, Some people in the US are obsessed with “China’s collapse”. Judging from the seriousness of the article in National Interest you will know that the logic of the “destined collapse of China” has become the core of some so-called “experts” knowledge. These people are well-dressed, well-conversed and some are even well-positioned, but their political obscenity has reached beyond a basic level of rationality. In due time they will be mocked with the harshest language by history.
1, 美国一些人想“中国崩溃”真是想疯了,看看《国家利益》那篇文章一本正经的样子,你就知道“中国崩溃必然发生”的逻辑成了美国一些所谓“专家”认识和判断力的轴心。这些人衣冠楚楚,口若悬河,有些还身居要职,但他们对政治意淫的那股痴迷劲已经超出了理性的基本刻度。多少年后,等着历史用最尖刻的语言嘲弄他们吧。

2, Actually aren’t there any country who has no risk of “collapsing” at all? Are there countries in the world that are “absolutely risk-free”?
2, 其实哪个国家没有“崩溃”的丁点可能性呢?这个世界上有“绝对保险”的国家吗?
3, However, if today there is a big title on a Chinese website saying: “Prepare for the collapse of the US (or the UK, France, Germany, Japan or Singapore and Korea)”, can we say that editors in this website are crazy? 3, 但是如果今天,中国的网站上打出个大标题:为美国(或者换成英国法国德国日本以及新加坡韩国等)的崩溃做好准备,我们能不能说这家中国网站的编辑“疯了”呢?
4, It is not necessarily a bad thing that we see some crazy articles provoking our eyes. At least we know that there are really a group of people in the West who urgently are waiting for China’s “big disasters”. They look for China’s political devastation and social upheaval. Not only would they desperately wait for it and have silly daydreams, but they will also make some more provocative moves to hurt our own national interests. 4, 有一些疯癫癫的文章来刺激我们的眼球,倒也未必就是坏事。我们至少知道了,西方真有一群人如此迫不及待地盼着中国“出大事”,国家政权瘫痪,社会四分五裂。这些人除了眼巴巴地等,做自娱自乐的痴梦,很可能还会干出点更具攻击性的行为,伤害我们的国家利益。
Zhou Zhixing, founder of Gongshiwang, intellectual, entrepreneur and journalist
New book release: I have Created Gongshiwang by Zhou Zhixing, published in January 2015.
Zhou Zhixing was born in 1952, he has been a researcher in CCP’s Central Archive Office Liu Shaoqi Study Team, has been an editor of pictorial Deng Xiaoping, manager at Phoenix TV, director of Phoenix Weekly, and founder and director of many good magazines, and founded Gongshiwang in 2009.

An article about him published in November 2011 he talked about the idea of founding of Gongshiwang:
In this big transitional time, a lot of thoughts have got rid of constraints. Informationalization has also given wings to these thoughts. Different stance and perspectives often lead to different opinions among people on the same issue, some of them are even completely contradictory. It is good to have different thoughts and opinions. However, endless debates are not necessarily good. The goal to debate is to reach some consensus. Pursuing for consensus is the initiative for Gongshiwang. Right now, most of the readers of Gongshiwang are officials, entrepreneurs,  scholars, and some young students. More than 80% of the readers are male.

Published by Huanqiu Military, the writer is a senior researcher at Renmin University’s Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies

1, As a sophisticated animal, no matter how much they have evolved, human beings can’t get rid of their innate animalistic nature.

2, China has always been trying to show its sincerity towards international peaceful development. But there are always some countries who try to use the law of the jungle aggressively. This forces Chinese people to ponder their own position in the process of development for the future.
2, 中国一直努力向世界表明和平发展的诚意,但总有一些国家按照强权逻辑尝试丛林法则。这也迫使中国人不能不思考在未来的发展进化中自身角色的定位。

3, China should definitely not be a sheep. The whole contemporary history of China is a good lesson for this notion.
3, 中国肯定不能做羊。整个一部近代史都是这一定论的注释。

4, China does not need to be a sheep. The anti-Japanese war and the Korean war after the first Sino-Japanese war is a good example of Chinese Communist Party leading the whole Chinese nation fighting against aggressive enemies.
4, 中国可以不做羊。甲午战争之后的抗日战争和抗美援朝战争,中国共产党领导下的中华民族,精神抖擞横扫列强就是明证。

5, What’s worrying is that the long-term peaceful environment makes some Chinese people fall in the comfortable “old normal”. The status of the second largest economy makes some scholars confuse about China’s strength. When facing external aggression, some scholars are afraid of or not willing to fight back. They pretend to be generous because “self-control is a form of confidence”. This is obviously unreasonable. In the nature there is never example of cow or sheeps begging for peace from tigers or wolves. There is also never example of a tolerant lion or avoidance of fighting among hungry wolves. China could object aggression on weaker countries or fighting among strong countries and could sincerely set a good example. But the whole world would not change its rules because of China’s singular peaceful action.  
5, 让人忧虑的是,长期的和平环境,让有些中国人慢慢堕入安逸的“老常态”,而世界GDP第二的经济地位,还让某些学者产生了中国已经强大的错觉,在面对外部明显挑衅时,或不敢或不愿合理反击反制;以什么“克制是一种自信”故作大度,这显然有悖常理,自然界从来没有牛羊哀怜虎狼赐予和平的先例,也从来没有因为狮子的忍让而鬣狗会停止争夺的先例。中国可以反对倚强凌弱和强强对抗,并真心诚意地率先垂范,但世界并不会因为中国的单方面行动而改变规则。

6, China will not act like a sheep. It will tell the world clearly that it is more peaceful and sincere to firmly fighting for peace and seriously stop aggression than keep saying “peace” or doing lip service. Also China would demonstrate its determination and ability to eliminate war and conflicts.

7, China will not be a sheep or a wolf, let along a wolf wearing the skin of a sheep. The most suitable totem for Chinese people is the “peaceful and alert lion” according to Chairman Xi: courageous but not murderous; brave but not violent. It will stand for and supervise its borders, guard for but not fantasize about peace. It will always be ready for external invasion and aggression and it will always prevail.

7, 中国不做羊,也不做狼,更不能做披着狼皮的羊,最适合中国人精神定位的图腾符号是习主席所说的“和平的醒狮”:敢战而不嗜杀,勇武而不蛮横,固守和巡视自己的疆域,保卫而不幻想和平,对入侵和挑衅者随时迎击并战而胜之。

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