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Interesting Websites, series #2, 2015-03-26

More academic blogs:
(This month I have discovered some more interesting websites and thought it might be helpful to also collect them all together. They are all comprehensive websites instead of personal blogs.)

澎湃 The Paper (Chinese)
(This is my second favorite after Gongshiwang)
The paper is an open platform dedicated to current politics and ideas. It relies on both the most active political news and the most rational analysis. It gathers the world’s most premium political thoughts in Chinese. The Paper aims to become China’s No.1 political analysis platform.

(The website I think has a very good design, beautiful layout.)
CN Politics is an independent group committed to introducing academic studies on China politics to the Chinese public. We cover latest research findings about China politics. Through short articles, infographics, digital magazines and first-hand interviews with world-wide leading intellectuals, we turn sophisticated academic reports and complex political concepts into plain language for Chinese audience from all backgrounds. Our team consists of political science scholars and professional reporters from all over the world.

Since its founding in 1984, The Elite Reference has been trying to answer a question of this time: how should Chinese see the world. Since its overall reform in April 2011, there is a clearer concept behind our media: a developing China needs a more developed world view.

Established in January 2012, All Things Political is a Chinese website featuring news and editorials on politics across the globe.  Political knowledge, analysis and debate function as a portal leading to a deep, comprehensive and unbiased understanding of the world.  In our reporting, we are interested in and exposed to a rainbow of topics, including election, economy, religion, history, ideology, mass media, and popular culture.  Young as we are, our common interest and diverse backgrounds inspired us to establish this platform for spreading, sharing and discussing political news.

中道网 (Chinese)
Zhongdao Net is an academic website based on private think tanks. It dedicates to building up a platform for multi-dimensional, open, embracing and rational thoughts. It aims to explore a more balanced and sustainable development path for China.

Another private think tank, founded in 2006.

Ground Breaking is an online and offline platform founded by mostly young people. We care about injustice and grievance in society, We also criticize and reflect on the mainstream neoliberal discourse. Meanwhile we want to showcase the voice and power of people in the lower social strata. Ground Breaking covers issues related to labor, countryside, culture, ideas, environmental protection, gender, international issues, history and the people who live in the bottom class. We hope to hear more voices from contemporary youth.

China Study Group (In English)
China Study Group was formed in New York City in 1993 as a non-profit organization, and it is now a global group of scholars and activists concerned with carrying on the critical tradition of China-focused critique perhaps best exemplified in the past by William Hinton. The purpose of the CSG is to facilitate the networking of such people and to promote the dissemination of critical information and research works. It aims to provide alternative perspectives on and assessments of issues pertaining to China — both its revolutionary past and today’s China in the context of globalization. Members of the CSG support the broad goals of the Chinese revolution that triumphed in 1949. We seek to produce knowledge and stimulate debate regarding its achievements and limitations, as well as to offer a critical perspective on the radical changes that have occurred in China over the past 25 years and an ongoing analysis of its role in the world today.”

Chuang (English)
闯  Chuǎng will publish a journal analyzing the ongoing development of capitalism in China, its historical roots, and the revolts of those crushed beneath it.  Chuǎng is also a blog chronicling these developments in shorter and more immediate form, and will publish translations, reports, and comments on Chinese news of interest to those who want to break beyond the bounds of the slaughterhouse called capitalism.

Founded in November 2002
We have decided to found Critique and Transformation to have comprehensive criticism on global capitalist politics, economy, structure and ideology. We explore political, economical, social and cultural issues in both Taiwan and the mainland and hope to find a socialist path and build a solid foundation for leftist forces…... We hope to fight together with international advanced forces and solves the problems created by Capitalism to liberate the human kind.

News and sometimes with more academic blogs
The Ministry of Harmony (Miniharm) is dedicated to spreading the harmony enjoyed by the subjects of the People’s Republic of China to the world, whether you like it or not.
In accordance with state soft power mandates, Miniharm offers pure, uncut truth that has been carefully screened by the relevant departments within the propaganda apparatus. Our motto is: “All the news that has been deemed fit to print.”

The Nanfang (English)
The Nanfang publishes news, translations, original writing and commentary about China each day.The Nanfang Limited is incorporated in Hong Kong.
墙外楼 (Chinese): Follow up of heated debates online.

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