Tuesday, March 17, 2015

News and Commentaries, 15-03-17

A picture was posted online of a branch in a corporation issued a Notice of Socialist Core Values on Computer Desktops. It says, based on the requirements of the corporation’s Department of Propaganda and Department of Political Affairs, there is the campaign within the company to have “socialist core values on computer desktops”. The requirements are: 1, change the desktop of computers in the office, choose one of the two given desktops; 2, change screensaver of the computer, set the folder of “socialist core values screensaver pictures” as the “default pictures” for screensavers. This mission needs to be accomplished  by March 20, 2015.

This article says some local government websites have also announced similar things earlier in the year. And I have found this one very easily:

On the website of Zhengzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, it requires everyone to follow the guidance by January 25, 2015.

1, Each work unit needs to fully take advantage of government websites to fulfil their propaganda mission. With popup windows on the mainpage, special columns and short videos, there should be the 24-character socialist core values available all year round. All the pictures and models could be downloaded on the Civilization Website, under the theme “picture of our values”. Go to the website.

2, Actively advocate large number of civil servants to voluntarily set up their computer and cellphone desktop to showcase socialist core values. Embody “three advocacies” in our work, study and life, and set a good example to nurture and practice socialist core values.

3, Actively guide a large number of civilians to widely apply contents of socialist core values on their computer and cell phone desktops. Make the large number of civilians nurtured by socialist core values in their work, study and life. Internalize socialist core values in everyone’s mind and heart. Continuously increase the confidence of this value.

Yan Huang Chun Qiu magazine planned to have a Spring Festival Celebration Party tomorrow March 18th in China Hall of Science of Technology. However, “relevant department” ordered a cancellation.
The Spring Festival Celebration Party in 2014 was held in the same venue on Feb.18, 2014. The magazine reported that there were 200 presented at the conference, including journalists and editors from the magazine, writers and readers. It was chaired by general editor Wu Si and addressed by director Du Dao. Keynote speakers included Zhang Xiqing, Li Rui, Gao Shangquan, Hu Deping, Li Buyun, Mao Yushi, Gao Kai, Qian Liqun, Yan Changgui, He Fang, Zi Zhongyun, Zhang Weiying, Li Yongzhong, Hu Dehua, Wang Jianxun, Zhou Zhixing, Gao Fang, Gu Xiang, Feng Lanrui, Pu Zhiqiang, etc.

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