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News and Commentaries, 15-04-08

Famous CCTV host of an entertainment program Bi Fujian made a joke at a private dinner table on Mao Zedong. In this one minute audio of him adapting a popular excerpt from a well known piece of Peking Opera, what he said about Mao Zedong was “don’t mention that old f*** anymore, he had really screwed us hard”. The new director of CCTV ordered a temporary hold of his show.

An article from Gongshiwang that has attracted more than 10,000 hits after a day writes:

We could see from a deeper level that people like Old Bi all behave like this. Those sacked corrupted officials are also like this - they behave one way in front of you and another way behind your back. All those officials are the same, they all behave differently due to different situations and they all have split personalities.Therefore it brings out the understanding crisis and trust crisis in this society. We need to reflect on who do we trust in this society. Our political ideology has been this way - it has made people have split characters.

Bao Pengshan: 鲍鹏山 is allegedly a professor at Shanghai Open University (couldn’t find his name from the University website - its system is not the most well-organized). He is a lecturer at CCTV’s popular TV program Lecture Room (百家讲坛). He also contributes to the China Confucius Foundation.

1, For a cultured person, you will find that his life force is very strong. He is not cold, but is filled with passion and compassion. His perspective on this world is full of love and poeticness.

2, But today, we could see that in our education from primary school, middle school to university, mostly students are only taught of knowledge, technology and skills, but there is just no culture. We have nurtured many sophisticated egoists, and many well-educated savage. They are very cold.

3, I have written an article titled Be Careful of Knowledge. The main idea is that we can’t master unlimited knowledge within our limited lifespan. What’s more tragic is that boring knowledge will just make one’s life more boring; fragmented knowledge will make people more fragmented, or even obscene.
3, 我曾写过一篇文章,题目是《警惕知识》。主要观点就是,我们的生命本来就不可能占有无限的知识。更可悲的是,无聊的知识会让人生变得无聊,琐碎的知识会让人格变得琐碎,甚至猥琐。

4, A problem in Chinese society today is that people lack a good sense of judgment. A problem of education in China is that people lack cultured nurturing. For example, to boycott Japanese products, many young people go on the street to smash their compatriots’ cars or even harm their compatriots’ bodies. They are hot blooded and think they are being patriotic, but actually they are damaging the country.
4, 今天中国社会的一个问题,就是缺乏判断力。中国教育的一个问题,就是缺乏文化素养。比如,为了抵制日货,很多年轻人走到大街上砸同胞的车,甚至伤害同胞的身体。他们带着一腔热血,以为在爱国,但实际上却是在“碍国”。

5, How come a well-intentioned and patriotic person will do things that would disturb the country and damage the image of Chinese people? What do they lack? Consciousness. Knowledge is power indeed. But I would like to tell people that consciousness is the direction. We often say that we will get beaten if we lag behind. But I would like to say that savageness invites invasion.
5, 为什么一个带着良好爱国热情的人,会去做妨碍国家、损伤中国人形象的事?他们缺少的是什么呢?良知。知识就是力量,但我要告诉大家,良知才是方向。我们常常说落后就要挨打,我还要告诉大家,野蛮也会招打。



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