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News and commentaries, 15-03-30/31

Fang Gang 方刚 is an assistant professor of applied psychology at the Psychology Department of Beijing Forestry University Social Sciences Institute. This is taken from an interview with him from Gongshiwang.

1, Among schools and universities which have sex education, what I have come across most is education about preserving chastity. They have never discussed any positive information about sex or sexual safety. They only talk about how awful and horrible sex is, or how to prevent sexual harassment. Young people growing up with this kind of education will come across many problems in intimate relationships.

2 , When discussing sexual violation and sexual harassment, it is important to tell children that life is most important. We can’t tell young people generation after generation to fight against sexual harassment to death. The so-called chastity is not all that important compared to life itself. We can just view the power of chastity and the power of sex as part of the power of our body.

3, A very important part of good sex education is gender education. After being sexually harassed, the right guidance to the victim should be: first, you didn’t do anything wrong. Victims from sexual harassment can’t be condemned. Second, you are still the same person - you didn’t lose anything. The damage conducted on sexual organs is the same kind of damage on other parts of the body. Don’t stress on how influential it is going to be for victims of sexual harassment. This kind of value system will be really helpful towards victims. If we keep advocating the value of purity equals virginity, it will just put more damage on their future.

4, I think there is still a long way to go in terms of sexual education. The absolute gender equality is still unattainable. This is a process of cultural transformation. Men’s roles on fighting gender discrimination is very important. It is always women who are fighting for their rights. Those men who occupy half of the population don’t do anything or even object women’s fight for freedom. How can this be?

1, In the beginning of 2015 a group of middle-aged women were caught taking drugs together. It is reported that this group of housewives are all long-term friends. Since April 2014 they started to gather at places like KTV to take drugs together. Each time it would cost them around 4000 to 5000 RMB. These housewives have some financial power and some of them even have luxurious cars.
1, 报道称这些大妈们彼此都是多年好友,基本上都是家庭妇女。自2014年4月以来,她们频繁的聚集在KTV等场所一起吸毒,每次吸毒费用达4000元到5000元人民币。这些妇女具有一定的经济实力,其中一些还拥有奔驰跑车。

2, These housewives say that their daily lives are very mundane. They would either take care of their grandchildren, play mahjong or go to the beauty salons. Taking drugs is a way for them to have some fun and fill in the void of life.   
3, Housewives also have a wechat group called “incredibly blissful”. To make sure their family members don’t find out about their gathering, they refer taking drugs as “hosting sports meetings”.
3, 大妈们还组建了微信群并取名“爽歪歪”。为了不让家人知道每次召集聚会都会在微信上用 “开运动会”等字眼来打掩护。

This is an interview with famous write Liang Xiaosheng conducted by Mishu Gongzuo (The Secretary’s Work), and forwarded by The Paper.

First of all, Mishu Gongzuo seems like an interesting publication. On its homepage it says over 1 million people read it on Wechat.

Introduction of Mishu Gongzuo:
Mishu Gongzuo is a national publication that is authorized by CCP’s Central Office and National Publishing Department. It is organized by the Bureau of Secretary in CCP’s Central Office. It was founded in July 1985 and was changed to monthly publication in 1991. In 2014 its monthly distribution was 285,000 copies, with more than a million of actual readers. Under the correct guidance of CCP’s Central Office and the Bureau of Secretary, Mishu Gongzuo follows the guideline of serving for all the Party and military organizations, as well as corporations and work units. It maintains its organic balance of being authoritative, thoughtful, guiding and readable. It is the most widely distributed and most influential periodical of its kind.
“《秘书工作》是经中共中央办公厅和国家新闻出版部门批准,由中共中央办公厅秘书局主管的全国性刊物。杂志创办于1985年7月, 1991年改为月刊,2014年月发行量为28.5万份,实际读者逾百万。在中央办公厅及中办秘书局的正确领导下,《秘书工作》坚持为全国党政军群机关以及企事业单位服务的办刊宗旨,始终坚持权威性与思想性、指导性与可读性的有机统一,成为国内发行量最大、影响力最强的办公厅(室)工作类期刊。”

(This interview with Liang Xiaosheng was partially about his short encounter with Xi Jinping at the Cultural and Art Work Conference last October. What is interesting is the whole interview seems like sole praise for Xi Jinping and his great policies and its implementations) Here is a quote:

Actually, the first sentence Secretary General Xi said to me was: “Xiaosheng, I am different from those intellectual youth described in your books”. I was firstly shocked. And then Secretary General Xi continued: “I personally think the more pressure you have, the stronger your will will be. I think the “different” he meant was because of the sentence he said later. For people in our generation, some people have great political burden and it had scared them. For a lot of them, even after they came back to the city, they were still under the shadow from that time. Secretary General is not like that. He stresses that people need to come out from different kinds of suffering. They will get stronger spiritually and emotionally. After he said that, Wang Anyi (another famous writer) who was next to me said: “Xiaosheng is the same like you”. General Secretary laughed. I also had to say something, so I said: “I think you are the person with two hometowns. Books are your second hometown”. And then Secretary General said that famous sentence: “ I hope artists could create spiritual hometown for more youth”. This is actually the meaning and value for all literature and artistic work.

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