Monday, April 20, 2015

News and Commentaries, 2015-04-20

There is an obvious problem in the countryside that the elderly in the countryside have no one to be taken care of or depended on. A while ago there was an extreme piece of news about the problem of the elderly in the countryside. The son returned to the countryside from his city job. A couple of days later he didn’t discover any prospect of the father’s dying. He asked: “Are you going to die or not? I just have 7 days off, including the time for your funeral.” Afterwards the father committed suicide. The son finished the funeral within a week and went back to his work in the city.

From People’s Daily
There have been over three decades of war-free time in China, could the people’s military remain fearless? The answer might be negative. In military training, in terms of ideology education, there should be the “air of hegemony”, in military training there should be rich courage, and during rehearsal there should be the “murderous look”.


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