Thursday, February 5, 2015

feb 05 2015 david

I'm not as diligent as Xue!  but here's what I've found over the past few days

List of 20 "Internet know-it-alls" from Nanfang zhoukan.  I only see one "know-it-all" (Han Han, what a surprise) and didn't find the link to the rest, but presumably one could.

China Story's list of "key intellectuals."  Some of these are on our radar, some are not.

"Further Reading" from China Story.  As I have already said, I think that "China Story" can serve as a general jumping off point for us.  Jeremie and co. are doing a great job, but they have limited manpower, so we can "glean" in their wake.  I would rather they be aware of what we are doing, but everything in its own time

This was a tip from John Pomfret, re: a Chinese military historian, Yu Maochun (teaching at the US naval academy, of all places) whom he finds very insightful:

Contextual info on the Pu Zhiqiang case.  Pu is a prominent human-rights lawyer and uncareful blogger who was recently arrested.  More on Pu below.  Lots of names of other lawyers in this link, at least some of whom may be writing:

133 Wechat accounts shut down for distorting Chinese history:

On judicial independence:

Qian Gang, constitutionalism, web censorship:

Pu Zhiqiang's blogposts translated.  Some are incendiary, but they're just words, for Christ's sake

People's Daily on "Daddy Xi's" favorite recipes.  Of course this has no intellectual value, but I'm thinking of short, filler, contextual pieces that might "spice up" (pun intended) our eventual documentary reader:

Education Minister Yuan Guiren on Western values in Chinese textbooks:

Beida Law Professor Shen Kuisan replies to Minister Yang on issue of Western values in Chinese textbooks:

Beijing News support for Southern Weekly.  Context and language of journalistic practice in China:

Global Times promotes a novel on divorce.  Don't care about Global Times.  A novel on divorce might be intereting:

From "propaganda state" to "propaganda-police state":

Chinese pushback on publication of Human Rights Watch report

Hong Kong's Mingbao on attacks on Beida Law Professor Shen Kuisan who dared to question Education Minister Yuan Guiren on Western values question;

From Beida's "news web", on building "socialist universities with Chinese special characteristics":

Piling on against those who criticize Education Minister Yuan Guiren.  Critics are actually against government policy.  Sounds dangerously "cutural revolutionesque":

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