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News and Commentaries,15-02-18

“Theory of large breast” criticized by Xinhua on one of the second generation of the rich (富二代) Wang Sicong

Wang Sicong is the son of Dalian Wanda Group chairman Wang Jianlin. This 37 bachelor made a comment on Valentine’s day at a charity event about his requirements for a girlfriend: “as long as she has big breast, I have no more requirements”. Xinhua published two articles on his Weibo and Wechat accounts, criticizing “some people” being materialistic and obscene. Netizens responded this by saying that it is tolerated that officials could have several mistresses but ordinary people can’t even watch large breasts - also in response to the temporary ban of popular TV series Wumeiniang for their cleavages.

This brought back the discussion of an erotic poem Song of the Breast, allegedly written by one of the founders of the Communist Party Chen Duxiu
This is the poem:
It is difficult to confirm that it was written by Chen Duxiu, but this blogger ‘s argument is convincing that it was probably not written by Chen because in his time there was no nickname of “咪咪” or “波波” for breast yet. However, people claim it was Chen Duxiu, partly because there are too sleazy many Communist Party members. Also Chen, being one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party, was famous for his womanizing behaviors. It was reported that in 1919 Chen injured a prostitute’s vaginal area in a brothel due to jealousy.

The social construction of Spring Festival - discussion among three PhD students from Shanghai University’s Department of Culture Studies.
The popular Spring Festival was only invented 102 years ago. Different from religious festivals in the West, the Spring Festival was merely an event of timing in the farming culture. The Spring Festival was regulated in 1914. From 1949 till now, it has always served for economic, political and cultural needs of the whole country and government.

Shi Zhan is the assistance professor at China Foreign Affairs University’s Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management

This is part of the “New Year’s Aspirations” Seminar held by Unirule Institute of Economics and

Some quotes:
1, I feel that nationalism could be used in small countries for a little bit, but for any big country it is not applicable. We could compare national interest as a shopping mall. Small and medium sized countries are like booths in a shopping mall and their national interests are their daily profits; for a super large country, not only do you have a booth, but you are also a big shareholder in the shopping mall. As a big shareholder, your biggest interest is not from generating profits in your booth, but from collecting the rent. Why do people want to pay your rent? It is because you could provide good products. The maintenance and the management rules in the shopping mall should constrain all the booths, therefore you will have the most effective rental income. I am talking about it from the most pragmatic sense. For a super large country, collecting rent is your biggest benefits.
1, 我觉得民族主义对于中小国家可以用用,但是对于超大国家是没有办法用的。因为我们可以国家利益比喻成在商场里面,中小国家就是在商城里面租一个铺面,国家利益就是他流水的增加,对于超大国家而言,你不仅是有一个铺面,你同时是商场的大股东,作为大股东来说,你的最大利益不是来源于铺面流水增加,而是来源于收租,人家为什么到你这交租?一定是你提供足够好的公共品,一方面对于商场物业维护,另一方面对商场管理规则的维系,包括所有东西都该对你的铺面具有约束力,只有在这种情况下你才能更有效率的收租。我这里都是从功利角度而言,对于超大国家而言,收租才是你的最大利益。

2, Internally we are also hurting our self-interests. Generally nationalism is the enforced recognition. In China it is also very special because nationalism applied in China becomes Han-nationalism. What is the ultimate result of Han-nationalism? All the ethnic minorities need to become more like Han. We talk about China as a country with large coverage and huge resources, and of course a big population. Ethnic minorities have their own cultures, their own traditions and their own identities, including their own religious beliefs, which could not be neutralized by your Han-nationalist control.
2, 对内而言我们也在损害我们自身的利益。通常民族主义是强化国家认同的东西,但是在中国很特殊,因为我们的民族主义在中国语境之下他又在对内情况下直接被表达为汉民族主义,而汉民族主义的逻辑终点是什么?所有少数民族都必须汉化。我们说地大物博,人口众多,人口众多是汉族的事,地大物博都是少数民族的事,少数民族有自己的文化、自己的习惯、自己的认同等等,以及他们有自己的信仰,是一个无法被你的汉民族的观念所化约掉的信仰。

3, We also need to look at all kinds of affiliated problems because of nationalism. And we also need to give it an attribute - the severely twisted nationalism. No matter internally or externally, it has become very different from the original Western nationalism. It is seriously twisted. It is closely related to our current education and propaganda apparatus. It is because of our current historical and philosophical viewpoints. It makes it impossible for us to see ourselves clearly. Meanwhile it makes it difficult for us to know our relationship with the world. It makes China an Asian orphan, who is gigantic and feared by everyone.
3, 我们还要正视民族主义带来的各的种各样的衍生问题,而且我要再进一步给他加上一个限定词——就是被严重扭曲了的民族主义,它无论对内还是对外、都与西方最初原生的民族主义不一样了,有了严重的扭曲。这些被严重扭曲了的对内对外两种民族主义又与我们现在的教育、宣传全方位相关,他源于我们当下的历史哲学史观,有着深刻关联。他使得我们既无法认清我们自己,同时也无法认清自己和世界的关系,就使得中国在世界上成为一个庞大无比的人见人怕的亚细亚的孤儿。

This is part of the “New Year’s Aspirations” Seminar held by Unirule Institute of Economics and
1, If I say I have a resolution for 2015 that would be for all Chinese people to live in an environment free from fear and free from concerns of uncertainty. My biggest hope is to have a deep sense of security. It is very easy to have this resolution come true, which is for our country to have rule of law and rule of the Constitution.

2, For every Chinese, I think their biggest aspiration is to have a secure life.They want to have their personal property protected. They do not want unknown people knocking at their doors at midnight. They do not want security checks everywhere, anytime. For intellectuals, they hope to have a place of freedom of speech, so that they won’t be given crimes due to their research or writing.

2, 每一个中国人,我想他们的最基本的诉求,是能够享有一种安全的生活,个人的财产能够得到保护,免受夜里不明身份者的敲门,免遭随时随地的安全检查,而对于更大的知识分子,他们则是希望能够有一个公开发表言论的场所,研究与写作不受因言获罪的担忧。

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