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News and Commentaries, 15-02-13

Chinese Spring Festival Celebration performance will be broadcast in different languages on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

by Yuan Weishi, Retired Professor of Philosophy from Zhongshan University in Guangzhou

Here is also introduction of Yuan in the China Story.

(Quotes from the article)
1, Right now traditional culture is very popular. People talk about how grandiose and glorious traditional Chinese culture is. However, traditional culture should not be those one-sided “visions”. It should not be some popular intellectual's leisurely interpretation of Confucian classics. They should talk about the reality of the situation at that time, particularly the real political system based on Confucian thoughts. I agree with professor Chen Yin'ge's succinct claim: the core of traditional Chinese culture is “three cardinal guides ( ruler guides subject, father guides son, and husband guides wife); and six guiding principles”...... It represents the social code of conduct at that time – the reitified system. In terms of thoughts and culture, the achievement of Confucius was not as good as Taoism or Buddhism. I think the chracteristic of Chinese traditional system is the “patriarchal and authoritatiran system”.
1, 现在传统文化大热,讲中国传统文化何其伟大辉煌。但是,传统文化不应该是那些一厢情愿的“愿景”,不是时贤对儒家经典的随意解读,而应该是当时社会的实际,特别是儒家思想凝结为制度的实况。我赞同陈寅恪教授一针见血的论断:中国传统文化的核心是“三纲六纪” ... 体现了当时社会的行为准则固化了的制度。在思想文化上,儒家的建树反而不如道家或者是佛家。我认为中国传统制度的特点是“宗法专制”。

2, To accomplish real transformation we cannot avoid three key issues.
2, 真正要转型一定离不开三个关键。

3, The first is freedom. Above all it is economic freedom (including private enterprise and private banking, private financing).The key for innovation is free thinking. If it is not allowed to “talk nonsense” or “talk about anything”, if there is no support on debates, kids will be very fearful from they are little. There will be no nourishing environment for the courageous and responsible spirit of independent modern citizen. If there is no freedom or no doubts, there will be no innovation. The second key is stability. In recent history in China, the most free time is the Northern Period, but it was not stable. The most unsettling element is the extreme form of nationalism. The third is integration with the world, which is very obvious.
3第一个是自由。首先是经济自由, 创新的关键是思想要自由,不允许人们“胡说八道”一番,不支持讨论,小孩从小胆小怕事,就培养不出现代公民独立自主敢做敢为的精神。没有自由,没有怀疑就没有创新。第二个关键是要稳定。中国近代历史上,最自由的是北洋时期,但是不稳定;主要的不稳定因素是民族主义极端势力。第三要融入世界。这个无需多说。

4, Revolution is impossibe, because most people want stability. Since the Reform and Open Up, a larger number of Chinese people strive for reform and development to change the backward situation, rather than any kind of revolution. Reform is the only right way. And all the reform will experience big corruption problems. From a certain point of view, anti-corrutpion is also a necessary phenomenon in the process of reform. Transformation is too difficult. China could only reform step by step. It will take a couple of decades to fully complete the mission of transformation. A country is very a complicated entity. There is co-existence of brightness and darkness.

5, What should intellectuals do in the current time? Back in 2000 I had pointed out two things: making money and making voice. Making money means develop private economy and build up stable economic foundation for the modern society. What the whole world fears most is extreme thoughts. The development of the world fears the wrong path most. There should be no more revolutions. Do no defrauding capitalists anymore. Do not confiscate their wealth or take control of their wealth in any form. Do not charge inheritance tax. Once it is charged there will be huge drain of capital. Hong Kong used to charge inheritance tax, but they abolished this rule afterwards. Second, don't copy other countries to have an ambitious welfare system. The wealth gap is not horrific. We need to implement the social welfare system as economy evolves. It is natural to protect the basic livelihood of the underprivileged. However, we cannot overdo it. We need to encourage people's interests to compete. To make voice means people need to criticize and supervise as citizens, from citizen's perspectives, to lessen the dark side in the society. Rather than waiting for heaven knocking on our door, we need to actively engage in the process of reform.
5, 知识分子在当代要干什么事儿?2000年,我就说做两件事,发财、发言。发财就是发展民间经济,为现代社会奠立牢固的经济基础。整个世界最可怕的是极端思潮,世界的发展最怕走错路,不要再搞革命,不要再整资本家,不能没收他们的财产,或者变相没收。不能征收遗产税。一征收遗产税,资金会大量流失。香港原来征收遗产税,后来废除了。第二,不要效法某些国家搞高福利。贫富差距什么的不可怕,随着经济的发展实行社会保障制度,保障弱势群体基本生活是应该的。但是,不要搞过分,要使大家有兴趣去竞争。发言是要以公民的立场批评监督,减少社会的黑暗面,不是等待天国的降临,而是积极参与到这个改革过程中去。

The author is Prof.HO Hing Kay Oscar at Chinese University of Hong Kong

It was obvious that the ban of Otto Li Tin Lun's work Faces of Representative was political. Li discussed elections in four regions including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

Since 1997 there is increasing tightening of cultural development and it has been very scary. What is ironic is that this politcal ban happens in Hong Kong university, where there is suposed to be lots of efforts to cry for freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Introduction of Li's artwork (English follows the Chinese).

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