Wednesday, February 11, 2015

some good links and magazines of intellectual's work

Open Times 开放时代

Under the management of Guangzhou Social Science Institute. Open Times was set up in 1982, named Guangzhou Studies; in 1989 it changed to its current name Open Times. It is a monthly magazine that "cares the society with academic power (以学术关怀社会)" .

Our Education 我们的教育

 They call themselves “a self-help platform” for the education in the era of the Internet. There are influential intellectuals and educators like Chen Danqing, Chu Zhaohui, Ding Xueliang and Fu Guoyong. There are also “creative activists, media people” and some topical teachers.

It provides hundreds of links to writers and intellectuals on its home page. They have three categories on the left of their home page: recommendation 推荐, new youth新青年, and intellectuals知识人. It says it is engine that pays attention to the intellectual "market". It says its advocacy is multi-dimensional, rational and dialogue. Its vision is to promote social rationale and openness in society. 

Go High 高和分享
"It invites many influential people in the society to share what they read and what they think. In a loud and chaotic time, it sets up a platform for quiet reading".
The page directed by 共识网 seems more up-to-date.
Listed intellectuals: 
査建英, writer of China Pop, lives in the United States,
陈功,Senior Researcher at Anbang Consulting Group
何怀宏, Professor at the Philosophy Department at Beida
何帆, etc.

The Observer  观察者
It "aims to provide fresh, popular, in-depth and readable news and current affairs for Chinese readers all over the world. 
They have a long list of contributing columnists and authors.

Think Read 阅想网
"It aims to provide more rational, more correct, and more in-depth social and political and economical commentaries, as well as information on arts, history and reading. 

Think Read aims to "guide and enlighten the mass with correct information and values, and hope Chinese netizens could form their own independent thinking". 

(This acclamation was dated March 15, 2012) 四月网
It calls itself "a renowned website for political and intellectual commentaries in China". It was set up in 2010 in Beijing, on the foundation of Anti-CNN. The principle of Anti-CNN was to interrupt the monogamy of Western discourse and broadcast the truth. aims to help Chinese youth to set up the values of patriotism, integrity, rationality and hardworking "爱国、团结、理性、奋进".

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