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News and Comments, Feb. 2, 2015

Jia Zhangke’s short film Smog Journey, invited by Greenpeace.
He described it as a poetic portrait of people trying to live a decent lifestyle in extremely adverse conditions.

A high ranking CCP official invited the BBC to his home and find an image of the Dalai Lama displayed. What does this mean?

Deng Yuwen: How to look at the sectarianism in China's political sphere
The author is the deputy editor at the Central Party School’s weekly newspaper the Study Times
1, A major point of this year's anti-corruption campaign is to target at sectarianism. The Chinese Communist Party has stressed many times that it absolutely does not tolerate sectarianism, which means there is serious sectarianism within the party. The gang of sectaries, gang of oil, gang of Shanxi, and gang of the “west mountain” are considered some major tigers involved in sectarianism.
1, 中国今年的一个反腐重点指向山头主义。中国领导人多次强调,中共党内决不容忍结党营私,这无疑是在说党内存在很严重的山头。而秘书帮、石油帮、山西帮、“西山会”等,被人们认为是围绕几个落马大老虎的山头。
(There is sectarianism everywhere in the world since the old times. And there is sectarianism in all kinds of social organizations)
2, In terms of a political party it is the same. It is true that there are common goals and ideas within the party, but because the party is consisted of members with different background and education and class, each member has their own views and opinions, as well as interests. It is very normal for members with the same opinions and policy advocacy ideas to form a different branch to compete and gamble with others, to win support from other party members. It is also a representation of democracy within the Party. So from the the perspective of democracy, sectarianism is not horrible; to the opposite, it actually helps promoting democracy. Democracy is to let people with different views, opinions and interests to voice themselves, and let the society to choose. Those whose advocates are most beneficial to society, most beneficial to the majority of the people will be more likely to win support.
2, 对一个政党来说,同样如此。政党虽有共同的目标和理念,但鉴于政党是由不同背景、教育和阶层的党员组成,每个党员有自己的观点和主张,及利益诉求;相同观点、政策主张的党员组成党内不同派系,相互竞争和博弈,以赢得党内其他党员的支持,很正常,也是党内民主的体现。所以,从民主的角度看,山头和宗派,并非十恶不赦;相反,它有利于民主事业的推进。民主就是让具有不同观点、主张和利益的群体公开自己的主张,让社会去选择,谁的主张最有利于社会,接近大众的利益,谁就最有可能得到社会支持。
3, Under this circumstances, if there is no resolution among different parties or branches' conflicts, there might be huge rupture within the party. Some party members might leave the party and form a new party. If this becomes true, there is nothing to fear. In Western countries, their Party members are not obliged to agree with all the advocates in the party, as long as they agree with the principals. If someone changes their mind, they could withdraw from the party any time. So in the West, one person could be a Republican today and a Democratic the next day. It is very normal. It is not rare for a Party to separate because of conflicts within.
3, 在这种情况下,党内不同派系的博弈如果无法调和,党有可能会分裂,一部分党员会脱党而另组新党,假如出现此种现象,也没有什么可怕的。西方国家的政党就不因此而强制要求党员赞同党的主张,他只要认同党的一些基本原则就可以了,如果一个人改变了看法,他可以随时退党。所以,一个人今天是共和党,明天是民主党,在西方很常见,因党争而走向政党分裂,也不少见。
4, What could be grave because of sectarianism? Unclear rules, lack of transparency or mechanism among competition of different parties will lead to secret plots. People will try to win their dominance by power instead of reasoning or good advocacy. This is the worst case scenario. Therefore, it is not terrible to have small groups, what is terrible is no role of competition.
4, 山头或拉帮结派在什么情况下才不好?规则不明,派系之间的竞争缺乏透明性,没有机制化,大家都通过耍阴谋诡计,靠谁的权力大,而不是靠说理和主张,去赢得党内支配地位。这种情况是最坏的。故而,有小集团并不可怕,可怕的是没有竞争规则。

(The author is a popular commentator)

Western Values are like Flood and Beasts, what about Marxism and Leninism?

Headline: 西方价值观念如洪水猛兽,那马列呢?

1, After seriously studying the speech by Minister of Education Yuan Guiren, I have come to the realization that Western values are like flood and beasts and we should stead forwardly resist them. There are lots of problems with original Western textbooks. Many professors and lecturers at universities are quite disappointing. They lack political awareness and they complain a lot, which really have bad influence on their students. In that case, what I really don't understand is how come Marx's thoughts and philosophies are compulsory courses for all university students? How come English is a major exam for not only university students, but even primary students?
1, 仔细品味教育部长袁贵仁的讲话,明白了西方价值观是洪水猛兽要坚决抵制,西方原版教材大大的有问题,高校有很多老师不像话,政治觉悟少,有发牢骚现象,对学生思想有影响。那我就不明白了,为什么马克思主义哲学原理无论是哪位高校学生都要学习的必修课呢?为什么英语不要说大学生,就是小学生都要作为主要科目参加考试呢?
2, We have always advocated the three aspects of confidence. Then how come we are so inconfident with our own culture and values. We have a gigantic propaganda apparatus. We have complete surveillance. All the TV, print media and the Internet are censored. Text books are controlled as well. Why are they afraid of some lecturers' complaints? If they really badmouth some Party leaders or speak ill of socialists thoughts, students could just report them. Why make such a fuss about it?
2, 我们一直宣传三个自信,那为什么对自己的文化和价值观念这般没有信心?我们有最强大的宣传系统,有完整的监控力量,境内的所有电视、平媒和网络都得接受审核,学校的教材也是层层把关,何惧个别老师的牢骚之语呢?真要是他们有攻击诽谤党的领导、抹黑社会主义的言论,那学生正常举报就可以了,何必兴师动众呢?
3, In general, the intelligenstia is rational and objective. It is a shame that leaders don't view it this way. Normally their eyes are covered by a piece of leaf and magnify some intellectuals' inappropriate emotions, like a hedgehog full of spikes, once they are close they start to fight each other. This is an extreme form of lack of confidence, or another form of natzism or an extreme form of nationalism. If there are no complaints tolerated in class, no complaints tolerated on the Internet, there will definitely be more in the streets!
3, 整体而言,知识界是理性而客观的。但是遗憾的是,领导者并不这么看,他们往往是一叶障目,把少数知识者的不当情绪无限放大,就像一只长满刺的刺猬,一碰就团起来开始报复打压,这其实是一种极端的不自信,或者说是变相的民粹和极端民族主义!其实如果课堂上的牢骚没了,网络上的牢骚也没了,那走上街头的肯定多了!


Interivew with Nie Huihua, deputy director of Renmin University's National Academy of Development and Strategy
1, After the Western New Year in 2015, many local party organizations, univerities and government corporations have forwarded the “Notice of Abnormal Death Survey of Party Officials Since the 18th Party Congress”. Some Party agencies in Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan, Guizhou, Qinghai, Guangdong, Fujiang, Anhui and Sichuan have released this notice on their websites.
1, 2015年元旦过后,全国多地区的党政机关、高校以及企事业单位,转发中组部关于“十八大以来党员干部非正常死亡情况统计表”的通知(以下简称“通知”)。浙江、山东、河南、贵州、青海、广东、福建、安徽、四川等地区的部分党政机关,已在各自单位网站公开了这一通知。
2, Recently, from media reports we could see that there is an increasing number of officials's abnromal deaths. We could see it very clearly from the survey that among the places for suicide for people to report, these places include “office buildings, home, hotels, the bureaus of discipline, detention centers, bridges, parks, hospitals, etc.” People were required to choose among the spots and indicate details.
2, 近年来,从媒体披露的相关信息看,官员非正常死亡案例日益增多。统计表条目很详细,比如,在自杀地点中,要求填报人员,从“办公楼、住宅、宾馆、纪委办案点、看守所、桥上、公园、医院、其他地点”中加以选择,并加括号注明情况。
3, Among the reasons of suicides, there are: A, involved in disobeying rules and regulations; B: have depression or other mental diseases; C: too much pressure from work; D: too much pressure from life; E: domestic conflicts; F: reasons unclear; G: other reasons. Nie Huihua says that the order of these options may indicate the frequency order of official's reasons of suicide, but it might also be because of policy reasons. “From the perspective of protecting the organizations and the maintaining the purity of their leaders, the upper level is obviously more interested in the suicides concerning corruption, because there are more external influences”.
3, 在统计表的“自杀原因选项”中,包含有A、涉嫌违纪违法;B、患有抑郁症等精神疾病;C、工作压力大;D、生活压力大;E、家庭矛盾;F、自杀原因不明;G、其他原因。聂辉华表示,选项的设定排序,可能暗合了官员自杀原因的排序,但也可能是出于政策方面的考虑。“从组织部门保护和纯洁干部队伍的工作角度看,上层显然更关心涉嫌贪腐的自杀行为,因为它的外部性更强。”
4, On one had, there is an increasing number of officials' suicides. On the other hand, there is a decreasing number of officials' death sentence. Nie Huihua analyzed that reasons to commit suicide include: covering crimes, protecting their members of interests, protecting their families' assets and also the lack of confidence of the judiciary system. Officials whose suicide are not related to corruption, according to public information, are mostly because of depression, serious disease of family conflicts.
4, 一方面,贪腐官员自杀数量上升,另一方面,贪官被判处死刑的数量明显下降,聂辉华分析,其选择自杀的原因主要包括:掩盖罪证、保护同僚,保护家属的部分既得利益,以及对司法系统缺乏信心。至于那些不涉及贪腐的官员自杀,根据公开信息总结,多是出于抑郁症、重大疾病和家庭矛盾。
5, Anti-corruption will lead to the increasing pressure on officials. If their evidence is exposed they will be thrown into jail. So it is logical that more officials choose to commit suicide. Of course, more careful causal relations requires more samples and more detailed data. But so far this kind of studies are not suitable, says Nie Huihua.
5, “反腐会导致官员压力加大,罪证暴露,很可能最终锒铛入狱,所以更多官员选择自杀也是符合逻辑推理的。当然,更严谨的因果关系分析需要更多样本和详细的数据,但目前这类研究还不具备合适条件。”聂辉华说。
6, If the anti-corruption campaign continues to carry on, will there will be more officials' abnormal deaths? Nie Huihua thinks that it depends on the measures in the process of anti-corruption campaign. It includes the transparency, organization and independence of corruption investigation. From the perspective of anti-corruption campaign, if officials involved choose to commit suicide or have other kinds of abnormal deaths, part of evidence will be destroyed, which will not be helpful to continue with anti-corruption. It is also difficult to retrieve assets back, which is also a loss of social wealth.
6, 如果反腐高压态势持续,是否官员非正常死亡人数仍会不断攀升?聂辉华认为结果取决于反腐的制度化改进措施,包括腐败调查的透明性、程序性、独立性。从反腐败的角度讲,如果涉贪官员自杀或者非正常死亡,就毁灭了部分证据,不利于反腐败持续深入进行,而且难以实现赃款完全追缴,对社会财富也是一种损失.
Sinica Podcast run a show on official suicide in summer 2014, they started talking about it since around the 26 minutes, they talked about Hong Kong in the beginning.

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