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The Party’s new forms of ideological propaganda
A series of three cartoons “Mass line animated series” (群众路线系列动漫) is popular.  China Digital Times also took a note of this series. “(It) shows Xi Jinping winning the battle to rid officialdom of the “three public expenditures”—banquets, vehicles, and overseas trips—and the “four decadent customs”—formalism, bureaucratism, dilettantism, and extravagance. “

According to Nandu Daily,
1, The videos reinvented leaders’ images with cartoon. They presented serious issues with ordinary people’s perspectives and the Internet language. Despite of the background of the producers, it is obvious that the way of political propaganda is changing.
1, 短片创新领导人的卡通形象,用民众视角和网络语言呈现严肃题材,无论制作方是何背景,都体现了政治传播方式正在改变。

2, With these three videos, Is Mass Line for Real? Are Things for Ordinary People Easier to be Resolved? Are Officials Really Scared?, the broadcasters hope to showcase the achievements of “The Party’s Mass Line education and implementation campaigns”, which is one of the achievement since the 18th Party Congress. On one hand, cartoon images of Xi Jinping and other leaders really dazzled people’s eyes (it is unimaginable that Chinese leaders could be so cute!). It is true it is not the most original, and they had a “plot” (the most typical is Xi beating the tiger with a stick). The producer tried hard. Of course everyone knows that this kind of breakthrough is a result of “synergy”, which represents the openness of related institutions. In general, this is a political propaganda that respects the rules of the Internet, and it is a relatively successful political propaganda.

(Xue’s comment: I think this also reflects the Party line of “Further increase the confidence of contemporary Chinese mainstream ideology”, noted in China Speaks on Feb.20, 2015)
Quotes that reflect this more:
1, Mainstream ideology needs to adjust to people’s diverse, independent and differentiated ways of thinking in contemporary society, so as to win the recognition and support of the most majority or people, and represent the majority’s wishes and aspirations. While sticking on the guiding principles of Marxist theories, we need to deal with the relationship between “unification” and “diversity” of different viewpoints. We need to absorb reasonable components from different thoughts. We need to absorb nutrition from cultural achievements from the old time till now, from the West to China. We need to keep pace with the times, continue to innovate, incorporate things with diverse nature and continue to enrich and perfect.
1, 主流意识形态要适应当今社会人们思想的多样性、独立性、选择性和差异性的变化,获得最广大人民群众的广泛认同和支持,代表最广大人民群众的愿望和诉求,就要在坚持马克思主义指导地位的前提下,处理好指导思想“一元化”同各种思想观点“多样性”的关系,从诸多思想观点中汲取合理成分,从古今中外文明成果中吸收营养,与时俱进、不断创新,兼收并蓄、丰富完善。

2, Only when we continue to increase our openness and tolerance, the socialist mainstream ideology in China could continue to be more attractive, engaging and competitive. So it could play its leading and integrating roles. It would be more confident, take more initiatives, and have more achievements. It will really become the foundation of thoughts and spiritual support for the whole Party and all Chinese people to hold on together and strive.

These three videos are actually posted by People’s Daily on Youtube Channels.
Is Mass Line for Real? 群众路线动真格了

Are officials really scared? 当官的真怕了么?

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