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News and Comments, Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015

This is how Central Commission for Discipline Inspection advertises themselves: "We will be the first to tell you what happened"
From Southern Weekly
中纪委这样搞宣传: “发生了什么,第一时间告诉你”

1, Close following of the news has become a characteristic since CCDI opened up its new website. Actually, CCDI's strong influence has been consistent throughout 2014. In the last year, many high-ranking officials' investigation was released on CCDI website; many high-ranking CCDI officials appeared on the media to interpret anti-corruption campaigns; in terms of releasing information, CCDI was the first to publish news on its website; there were frequent interviews with intellectuals to talk about anti-corruption; there was also the educational documentary broadcast on CCTV on Attitude Construction always a Work on Progress, etc. 

1, 紧跟新闻热点,已经成为中纪委网站开办后的特色。事实上,中纪委强大的影响力持续贯穿整个2014年:这一年诸多高级官员被查处消息在中纪委官网首发;中纪委高层频频“出镜”,解读反腐政策;在反腐案情通报上,中纪委网站第一时间先行发布;频繁采访文化名人说反腐;于央视播放宣传教育片《作风建设永远在路上》等等。
2, There is a big shift of style of broadcast with CCDI. On the list of the "Top Media Websites of 2014" released by China Broadcast University's Internet Information Research Institute, CCDI Website was No. 9, which was the only government website listed. With its "Discipline publishing - heated debates", CCDI has firmly mustered its power of discourse. 
3, No matter what, the discourse about China's anti-corruption is taken over by Chinese officials. The "style of broadcast" featured by CCDI has matured. 
3, 无论怎样,中国反腐舆情已进入官方主导时代,中纪委特色的新闻“传播学”已然成形。
4, The most striking change with CCDI is its release of information on anti-corruption cases. Before most of the officials' downfall is released by the Party's media organizations. Nowadays it is mostly released by CCDI "first".
4, 中纪委在反腐案情通报上的变化最引人注目。以往官员落马多由中央媒体对外发布,如今多由中纪委网站“第一时间发布”。
5, "In this way it is very open". A scholar who is often involved in CCDI's propaganda work says, "This shows CCDI's initiative and confidence. We will tell you what happened first, so you won't need to speculate". 
5, “这么做就显得很open(开放)了。”一位经常参与中纪委宣传工作的学者说,“这体现出了中纪委的自主和自信,发生了什么事情第一时间告诉你,你也别炒了。”

6, They also use languages that ordinary people could understand".

6, “用老百姓听得懂的语言”

7, After the 18th Party Congress, the amount of Discipline and Investigation Office's (widely known as the Case Office) workload has increased to three times more. 
7, 十八大后,纪检监察室(俗称案件室)的工作量是之前的三倍。
8, "Before at weekends, those who work on extra shifts in CCDI are just about a couple of dozens people. But right now they fill half of the dining hall during lunch time. Because of frequent shifts and assignments, many young people from CCDI miss their chances for blind dates".
8, “以往周六周日,在中纪委机关加班吃饭的人不过二三十人,而现在要占满半个食堂的座位。”因为经常加班或有任务,许多中纪委年轻人错过了好多相亲机会。

If we don't displease the corrupted we would displease 1.3 billion people, says CCDI on its website, also forwarded by People's Daily
不得罪腐败分子 就要得罪13亿人民
1,  We will continue to object any corruption and correct any greed. We will hit both "tigers" and "flies". We will treat corruption with zero tolerance. This is a clear attitude of seriously cleaning up our Party. We are a Party of more than 86 million members and we shoulder the serious responsibility of taking 1.3 billion people to walk on the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Under new circumstances, the Party faces "Four Big Challenges" and " Four Kinds of Danger". The Party will continue to manage itself, seriously treat it, and bring the cleaning up and anti-corruption to a new level. We will stead forwardly upgrade our attitude and stead forwardly treat corruption. People give the power to us and we need to commit ourselves to the Party and to the Country. We need to displease those who deserve to be displeased. If we are only content from not being corrupted and just focus on our own work and don't respond to serious challenges within the Party, there will be serious problems in the future. We will become criminals in history. If we don't displease the corrupted, we would displease 1.3 billion people. This is a political situation that can't be more obvious. This is a political attitude about people's faith.  
1, 坚持有腐必反、有贪必肃,“老虎”“苍蝇”一起打,以零容忍态度惩治腐败,是从严治党的鲜明立场。我们党是一个有着8600多万党员的大党,肩负着带领13亿人民走中国特色社会主义道路的艰巨任务。新形势下,党面临着“四大考验”“四种危险”。党中央坚持党要管党、从严治党,把党风廉政建设和反腐败斗争提到新高度,坚定不移改进作风,坚定不移惩治腐败。人民把权力交给我们,我们就必须以身许党许国,该得罪的人就要得罪。如果只满足于自己不贪不腐、勤恳工作,对党内存在的现实而严峻的问题无动于衷、无所作为,今后会出大问题,会成为历史的罪人。不得罪腐败分子,就要得罪13亿人民。这是一笔再明白不过的政治账,这是一个关系人心向背的政治立场。
2, The Party is determined to deal with corruption and shoulder its responsibility given by history and the people. Without the Party's clear political attitude, powerful leadership, exemplary behaviors, strong sense of responsibility, deep sense of mission, indomitable will, the cleaning up of the Party and anti-corruption will not succeed. The grander the Party's objectives are, the more complicated the situation is, the more serious our responsibilities are, the more committed and strict we need to be to clean up the Party. 
2, 党中央横下一条心反腐败,承担起历史和人民赋予的责任。没有党中央鲜明的政治态度、坚强领导、率先垂范,没有强烈的历史责任感、深沉的使命忧患感、顽强的意志品质,党风廉政建设和反腐败斗争就会一事无成。党的奋斗目标越宏伟、面临的形势越复杂、肩负的任务越艰巨,就越要严字当头、全面从严治党。
3,  Currently, the situation of cleaning up the Party and anti-corruption campaign is still serious and complicated. The problems of "four winds" seem like the trees have collapsed but the roots are still there. Corruption and anti-corruption are still very much entangled. Once we have opened up the arrow, there is no way back. 

What should be the requirements for China's Good Netizens?


1, A good netizen needs to care for this nation, and should be a loyal lover of this country. Being such a big country with such speedy development, it is very normal for there to be problems. It is unrealistic or impossible to not have any problems. Who can say that there are no problems in developed countries? We could be sure that in China's Internet space, netizen's patriotic voices have been the mainstream. But we could also see from time to time that some people look at China with colored eyes. They magnify some unavoidable conflicts and shortcomings during China's development process. They sing badly of China, rather than looking at the progress China has made. 


2,A good netizen needs to be responsible. They should be the active broadcaster of mainstream values. To be a good netizen, they need so be brave to spread more "positive energy", to continue spreading more "good voices", and strive to be the people who "don't disappoint this time".2, 好网民应该有责任担当,是主流价值观的积极传播者。做一个中国好网民,就是要勇于传递更多的“正能量”,不断发出更多的“好声音”,争做“不辜负这个时代”的人。

3, A good netizen needs to have social consciousness. They should seriously resist low-class materials. 

3, 好网民应该有社会良知,是低级趣味的坚决抵制者。

4, A good netizen needs to abide by the rules and regulations. They should be active maintainer of the orders on the Internet. 4, 好网民应该有守法观念,是网络秩序的自觉维护者。

Chinese writer Xu Xiao recently was taken away by the police on the name of "endangering national security". It is probably because she had recently edited deceased intellectual Chen Ziming's work on constitutional governance. She also printed and published several dozen copies. Leaders from the private Liren University Xue Ye and Liu Jianshu were also detained on the same day (Late November, 2014). Chinese intellectuals are facing some uncertainty. Xu Xiao is a very respected writer and has been Caixin's editor in the Culture Section.

Chinese media workers have changed their rolls from journalists to editors to entrepreneurs, entering into the the field of new media. They use Wechat public accounts to release news and analytical comments to let readers subscribe. They fight with capital and also maneuver through politics. Among economic freedom and political freedom, they try to get their power of speech back. 

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